Video editing mistakes

Common Video Editing Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

Have you wondered on the most common video editing mistakes? Well, we all make them.. And here is a rundown on the mistakes you can dodge to experience the best video editing process. Video editing can be a complex process full of opportunities for mistakes, even experienced editors can fall victim to common errors that detract from video quality. As …

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how to make a GIF on Android

How To Make A GIF on Android?

GIFs – the fun looping animated images that dominate social media feeds and conversations. Their short length, eye-catching motion, and ability to convey reactions make GIFs the perfect content format for platforms like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and more. They are mostly used in conversations to express emotions vissually Whether you’re reacting to a friend’s message, celebrating a special occasion, or …

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Convert Video to Audio

3 Ways to Convert Video to Audio: A Comprehensive Tutorial

Do you have a video bursting with amazing visuals but wish you could extract the audio for a separate project? Maybe you want to create a podcast from a lecture or a voiceover for your next YouTube video. Whatever your reason, to convert video to audio can be a valuable skill, and fortunately, it’s easier than ever! This process involves …

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How to edit videos for gaming

How to Edit Videos for Gaming: A Step-by-Step Guide

Are you a passionate gamer who wants to share your epic gaming moments with the world? Whether you’re creating Let’s Play videos, walkthroughs, or showcasing your best gaming highlights, video editing plays a crucial role in making your content engaging and enjoyable. A well-edited gaming video can captivate viewers and help your channel grow. While editing may seem intimidating at …

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how to voice over a video like a pro

How To Voice Over a Video Like a Pro?

Have you ever wondered how watching storytelling videos or tutorials with voice over a video is so much fun? Voiceovers are a powerful tool for enhancing video content, providing a professional and engaging touch. Well, welcome to the complete guide on how to record and edit a professional voiceover using Vidma Editor – the premier video and audio editing app. …

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Remove background in video

Step-by-Step Tutorial: How to Remove Background in Video Using Vidma

Did you know you can remove background in video with just a few taps on your phone? It’s true! Forget expensive green screens and complicated software. Vidma’s background removal tool is your secret weapon for creating professional-looking videos, even if you’re an editing newbie.  Why To Remove Background in Videos? Removing backgrounds is commonly done to: Isolate and spotlight subjects …

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Vidma editor quiz

Join the Vidma Editor Quiz & Win Exclusive Premium Features!

Calling all video editing jedis, animation alchemists, and storytelling sorcerers! Are you ready to embark on a fantastical expedition where your skills are tested, your imagination explodes, and exclusive prizes await like mythical treasures? Then prepare to be spellbound, because the Vidma Editor Quiz is here to transport you to a realm of fun, challenge, and the chance to unlock …

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import local music to android videos

How to Import Local Music to Videos on Android?

Adding music can greatly enhance the viewing experience of videos and elicit certain emotions from your audience. While you may want to use copyright-free music from online sources, sometimes you may prefer to import local music files to add a personal touch or avoid licensing issues. In the past, importing local music could be quite tedious on Android devices, requiring …

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how to Create a Slideshow

How to Create a Slideshow Video with Vidma Editor?

Have you ever had such a good time with family or friends that now you would like to compile those memories? Then this guide on how to create a slideshow that is worth sharing with your loved ones is cherry on the cake. If you are looking to compile your favorite photos, videos, and memories into an lovely slideshow with …

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How to Make Videos using Customizable Templates

How to Make Videos Using Customizable Templates?

Ever wanted to create stunning videos in no time? Anyone can now achieve professional-looking results with the right tools. Ready to step up your video creation game with professional customizable templates? Using pre-designed templates saves tons of time and effort compared to starting from scratch. With a template, you plug in your own visuals, text, and branding to transform it …

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