Photo Video Maker

Create Photo Slideshows & Montage

Want to create a video made from photos? Compilation videos are popular for quick photo dumps, and also as a great way to keep precious moments alive.
A video montage allows you to frame all your favourite moments together in a cohesive video as a way of safekeeping your memories. Creating video compilations also helps in freeing up your phone storage space, allowing you to make space for more photos and videos to come.
Let’s do some spring cleaning to your phone and create different thematic montages today.
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Create Videos From Photos

Whether it’s a wedding montage or a compilation of beautiful photos of your recent trip, photo videos are perfect for capturing moments you hold dear to. To create videos from photos, try out Vidma Photo Video Editor, a free video editing app available on iOS and Android.
Simply create a new project and import your photos to start. You can add music you love and adjust the duration of photos against your audio on the project editing timeline to high precision and accuracy. Add a little flair to your video with texts and transition to create the perfect photo montage video.

Slideshow Of Photos

A slideshow of photos is not as difficult to create as it may seem. From photo transitions to music that goes in sync with the photos, you can edit your own photo slideshow with Vidma Free Photo Video Maker. Import your photos to Vidma Editor to start!
You can add filters to adjust the tonal colors and quality of the photos, crop to fit the frame, add funny stickers or gifs directly from Giphy, and do so much more with Vidma Photo Video Maker App.
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