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Create Stunning Music Videos in Seconds

Music videos often create a mood and story that enhances the song and visuals! While the post-production process of creating a music video is complex and require expensive and proprietary tools, it is no longer the case now. There are so many video editing apps out there that are available for free on mobile phones and desktops, making it easy to create your own music videos.

Vidma Music Video Maker App allows you to create your own music video just by simply importing videos and photos to the app.

You don’t need to be a professional editor to create your own music video – you just need an eye for detail and keen aesthetic to start!
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Create Music Videos

Create cool music videos with Vidma Music Video Maker App! It’s easy to create cool music videos for free – just import the photos or videos you want to be included in the music video, and add in the music you want. Choose from our library of free trending music, or insert your own music from your phone.
Edit your video with easy-to-use editing tools from adjusting aspect ratio, cropping, trimming, adding transitions and more! Your personal music videos of adventures and moments to remember is easy to create with Vidma Music Video Maker.

Cinematic Video Editing

Ever wondered how some music videos looked so good? There’s definitely color grading and filters involved in the post-production editing stage. Create your own professional-looking music videos with Vidma Music Video Maker today. Vidma video editing app is free on Android and iOS, with intuitive interface which you will master in no time.

Choose from different built-in filters in Vidma video editing app for free, and adjust the filter intensity. With Vidma Music Video Maker, you can easily add a cinematic feel to your music videos depending on the mood you’re going for. From dark, monochromatic and atmospheric to light and vibrant filters, we’ve got them all.

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Trending Music For Your Videos

A music video maker cannot be complete without a good music of music. Vidma Music Video Maker comes with an extensive library of free trending music that you can use freely for your videos. Just choose one that suits your mood and style to begin! If you can’t find what you’re looking for in our free music library, you can import your own from your phone’s music library, or extract music from another video.

It’s easy to add music to your videos with Vidma Music Video Maker. Just a few taps and you’re set to create your greatest music video masterpiece in no time.