Frequently Asked Questions

This may happen when the access to photos, media and files on your device is not granted to Vidma Editor.

Vidma Video Editor will automatically prompt you for permission and authorisation to allow access to your photos, media,and files on your device. This access will allow projects to be saved on your device at any time, and give you the ability to import photos, videos and audio directly into the app seamlessly.

We DO NOT collect any personal data from you when you download and/or use Vidma Editor. You can opt-on it for better app usage and video editing experience. For more details on how your data is managed on our platform, check out our Privacy Policy.

This may be due to a clash in the clips layer. You may have a clip that is layered with other clips above/below it in the track, hence the clip cannot be moved up/down.

As Vidma values user’s privacy and does not store any user data, any unsaved drafts will be deleted and cannot be restored. For more details on how your data is managed on our platform, check out our Privacy Policy.

We apologise for the inconvenience. As Vidma Editor is a relatively new app, some errors or bugs may be expected. For minor self-troubleshooting, please try out the following quick fix:
• Check and ensure that your app is updated to the latest version.
• Clear the cache of Vidma Editor frequently to ensure you are running on the latest version.

To ensure that you have the latest app version installed on your phone at all times, you can opt-in on ‘Auto-Update’ via network preference settings on your Google Play.

With automatic updates enabled, you’ll always enjoy our latest functions and materials!

Our sticker library is powered by Giphy, which requires internet connection. This can happen when your internet connection is unstable. Please make sure your network is connected and try again.

Content ID claims do not result in copyright strikes, channel suspensions or channel terminations. Often, these claims are made only to track or monetize the video, not to block it. Therefore, your video still exists (but may have ads) and you can still share it with others.

To learn more about Content ID claims, please refer to

All built-in music on Vidma Editor has signed license agreements with the musicians. If you have receive a copyright notice or your video has been removed by Instagram, please send email to our support team at

All fonts currently are licensed under the SIL Open Font License (OFL). You can use them freely in your products and projects, be it print, digital, commercial or otherwise.