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Create Your Next Viral TikTok

TikTok is one of the fastest growing social media platforms right now. It’s a global phenomenon and it is showing no signs of slowing down.
Even though TikTok videos are short, it does not mean that it takes any less effort to create TikTok content. Most viral TikTok videos have one thing in common – they capture your attention right from the get-go. The first couple of seconds is crucial to grab your attention, and especially so for a social media platform that has made our attention span even shorter than ever.
Without an engaging starter, viewers may just easily scroll past to the next video!
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Create Funny TikTok Videos

Create funny TikTok videos with Vidma TikTok Video Maker app now. From adding filters to syncing your video clips to trending TikTok audios, you can create TikTok videos on Vidma that go viral on the platform.

Easily extract viral TikTok music to add to your project for better syncing. With Vidma TikTok Video Maker, you can zoom in and edit your videos with highest precision, syncing the beats of your music to your video clips and transitions.

Add Cool TikTok Transitions

Working on a professional video presentation that requires a voiceover? You can record your own voice to add to your presentation with Vidma Free Voiceover Presentation Maker App. Just record your speaking voice over your video and sync it with your presentation accordingly.

With Vidma editing tools, you can adjust the timeline of your video presentation easily, and export your video presentation with professional voiceover quality.

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Add Music, Texts and Stickers To TikTok Videos

Edit your TikTok videos with the latest trending stickers with Vidma TikTok Video Maker App. Vidma comes with free resource library of music, texts and stickers.

Add and edit how you want them to appear easily on the project timeline with great accuracy. Stickers on Vidma TikTok Video Maker is powered by Giphy, making it easy to add user-generated and latest trending stickers to your videos. You can even import your own photo as a sticker and add into your TikTok video!