Voiceover Presentation

Add VoiceOver to Videos and More

There’s just so much content out on the internet, how do you make yours stand out from the crowd? Adding your own voice will certainly help. With ASMR videos gaining traction on social media, more content creators are adding voiceovers to videos for a personal touch. Videos with voiceovers can also serve as a guide, especially for tutorial videos and presentations. Whether it is for a professional setting or funny review, your voice will help to engage your audience.
With Vidma Voiceover Video Editor App, this is not as difficult as it may seem – all you need is to work on an engaging speaking voice!
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Add Your Voice to Videos

Narrated videos are currently in trend, as people are geared towards more informative video content on social media. There’s so much you can do with your voice! With Vidma Voiceover Presentation Maker, you can easily add voice to videos for free. You can get a professional mobile handset to capture your crisp ASMR voice, or use just your phone’s built-in speaker.

Find a quiet place and add your audio to videos. You can always edit your voice-over to your videos by trimming, moving or adjust the audio voice settings. It’s easy to add your voice to videos with Vidma Voiceover Maker App.

Create Video Presentation

Working on a professional video presentation that requires a voiceover? You can record your own voice to add to your presentation with Vidma Free Voiceover Presentation Maker App. Just record your speaking voice over your video and sync it with your presentation accordingly.

With Vidma editing tools, you can adjust the timeline of your video presentation easily, and export your video presentation with professional voiceover quality.

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Tutorial Video With Voiceover

Studies have shown that tutorial videos with a voiceover works better. Use your voice as the guiding force with a tutorial video today. With Vidma Voiceover Presentation Maker App available for free on Android and iOS, you can add VoiceOver to your tutorial videos easily.

Whether it is a product tutorial or professional onboarding video, adding your voice will certainly convey the message of the video more effectively than just mere texts.