Create Funny TikTok Videos

How To Create Funny TikTok Videos?

Our most recent blog encapsulated the storm at which TikTok has taken over social media. We dipped our toes into understanding how to make these catchy and funny TikTok videos with the help of Vidma’s free editing tool!

This blog helps you understand the process of creating funny TikTok videos, TikTok has taken the social media world by a bling of an eye, with its short, snappy videos capturing the attention and imagination of millions all over the globe.

Coming up with entertaining funny TikTok videos that resonate with audiences can be a challenge as i requires a perfect blend of creativity, timing, and technical skills. However, with the Vidma Editor, a powerful video editing app that simplifies the process and helps you to unleash your comedic potential.

What is Vidma Editor?

Vidma Editor is a free, user-friendly video editing app available for both Android and iOS devices. Packed with extensive editing functions and a vast library of free resources, this app is designed to make video editing quick, simple, and enjoyable.

With its intuitive interface, Vidma Editor caters to creators of all skill levels, enabling you to create incredible videos with ease. From importing video clips and photos to adding titles, soundtracks, and special effects, the app streamlines the entire editing process, allowing you to craft professional-looking videos right from your mobile device.

Vidma Editor makes it simple to create videos from photos and video clips from your mobile devices. Vidma Editor is always working on new features and updates to improve the video editing process. Join us as part of our Vidma Video Editor community and show us your masterpieces!

10 Steps to Create Funny TikTok Videos with Vidma Editor

Creating funny TikTok videos with Vidma Editor can be a blast! Here’s a step-by-step guide to get you started:

1. Idea Plotting

Let’s begin by first spending ample time on TikTok conducting research on funny and comedy sketches that have resonated with your niche or ones that have had the highest engagement. Find in funny concepts, situations, or personal experiences that could translate well into a video. Most comedy and funny videos stem from humane and authentic interactions so make sure you are aware of your personal experiences that could have the possibility of making people chuckle.

2. Focus on your storyline

Once we have our ideas in place, we can move forward in developing a narrative. Find abasis of your story, which characters, setting and how you would like to record this video given your theme and story.

3. Gather footage

Do you have any filming locations? Are there any specific parts of the video you will like to shoot elsewhere? Collect any necessary props, costumes, or locations you’ll need for your video. Vidma Editor’s resource library can also provide you with a wealth of stock footage, music, and sound effects to enhance your creation.

4. Film your videos

Open the TikTok app and click on the ‘plus’ sign and begin filming your videos, you are free to individually film videos in your phones camera and export it into Vidma or create them in TikTok itself. Using your smartphone or camera, capture the necessary video clips and shots based on your storyboard. Do not worry much, go ahead and film your videos just the way you’d like without thinking much. Most viral videos are created when creators do not think much of their selves but rather focus on the delivery of their funny content.

5. Import your footage into Vidma Editor

Access the Vidma Editor app import your recorded video clips and add any additional resources you plan to use. Vidma also allows you to receive a wide variety of stick videos, images and music free to use at your disposal.

6. Edit and Trim

Vidma offers precise editing and trimming tools which help you keep the main elements of your footage, make sure to also arrange your clips in the desired sequence, and use transitions between your videos to eliminate jump cuts. Try out filters, and visual effects to add a unique touch to your video and emphasize comedic moments.

7. Add Sound

Most funny narratives stem from narrations and voiceovers, so make sure you have incorporated them in your videos. Add sound effects, or voiceovers to amplify the humor in your video

8. Add titles and text

Add text in your video boosting its comedic impact by adding well-timed titles, captions, or text overlays using the app’s text editing tools. These can be used to set up jokes, provide context, or add an extra layer of humor.

9. Preview

Watch your video for any minor errors you may have missed to correct during the editing process, it is also worthy to mention that you can show this video to family members and friends so you get a better idea if the TikTok video has comedic potential or no. Gain constructive feedback on your effort and time to be able to craft something better or understand the potential of your current creations.

10. Export and Upload

Once you have a better idea on the outcome of your video, export it at the highest quality and upload to TikTok! Vidma Editor has inbuilt sharing options to upload on social media platforms.

Tips To Create More Funny TikTok Videos

Must to the conventional narrative on comedy, it stands to be one of the most toughest genre for most people to attain their position because it is truly on of the most difficult things to do… Make a stranger laugh!

Here are a list of ways you can attempt on being funny and making other people life as at the end of the day, it is a beautiful virtue to make people happy!

  • Observe and exaggerate

Most comedic sketches are written by closely looking at the people we meet on a daily basis, watch the most absurd people around you and you have found half the batch to fit your content into! Humor often comes from exaggerating or amplifying real-life situations or behaviors. Observe the world around you and find ways to exaggerate or parody common occurrences in a humorous way.

  • Timing

In the sphere of comedy, timing is KEY. Find the right pace for your video, pace of your jokes and even await the responses you receive from the audience. You will eventually be able to make out that time is truly important when delivering something in comedy.

  • Add in the unexpected

Surprise and unexpected elements can be a powerful tool in comedy. Subvert audience expectations by introducing unexpected plot twists, characters, or situations to keep viewers engaged and amused.

  • Niche is down

It is essential to remain authentic and important, it is also relevant to find your specific genre, niche and category of comedy or the people you resonate the most with. When youre starting out, cut yourself some grace when experimenting with various audience and content types as sooner or later it will all pay out for you.

  • Collaboration

Do not simply sit out on venturing the world of comedy by yourself. Find those in your community and request to work with them or even gain knowledge from their expeiriecne. Consider collaborating with friends, family members, or other creators to bounce ideas off each other, improvise, and bring new perspectives to your videos.


Im sure by the fact that you are religiously following tips and tricks for entering into the comedy world or even creating short form comedy videos, it has never been more accessible to edit, and learn from others’ videos’. Continue to eat h your favourite creators but this time from a lens of creating content that id a little like them – having the potential to make people chuckle.

Find how their video editing game helps them add value to their comedic pitches and also be an observer of timing. With Vidma Editor, you have an excellent, friendly tool at your fingertips that simplifies the video editing process and empowers you to bring your comedic visions to life. By simply following the steps and experimenting with what works for you and what doesnt is key when having something of your own. Remember, the key to success is to stay authentic, experiment with different styles and formats, and never be afraid to take risks.

So, what are you waiting for? Download Vidma Editor, unleash your inner comedian, and start creating videos that will have your audiences laughing out loud and eagerly anticipating your next hilarious creation!

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