How to Make Videos using Customizable Templates

How to Make Videos Using Customizable Templates?

Ever wanted to create stunning videos in no time?

Anyone can now achieve professional-looking results with the right tools. Ready to step up your video creation game with professional customizable templates? Using pre-designed templates saves tons of time and effort compared to starting from scratch. With a template, you plug in your own visuals, text, and branding to transform it into a polished, on-brand video.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into the art of crafting videos using customizable templates with Vidma Editor software, follow these best practices and you’ll be making engaging, high-quality videos tailored to your needs in no time!

Benefits of Using Customizable Templates for Videos

Let us introduce you to the wholesome set of advantages you can expect with Vidma’s customisable video templates.

1. Time Efficiency – Templates have the design work done for you upfront, letting you craft great videos much faster. The ability to swiftly produce content is invaluable, all you need to do is drag and drop your media files and majority of your task is done.

2. Visual Cohesion – Templates lend videos a unified aesthetic that looks clean and intentional when all elements match. This consistency not only enhances professionalism but also aids in building audience recognition.

3. Professional Quality – Trick your friends into believing that you hired a video editor to create those videos… they would believe you! Templates designed by video pros ensure your content meets high production standards out of the gate. Elevate from basic efforts and create stunning visuals seamlessly.

4. Customizable – While templates provide consistent structure, you customize details like logos, text and media to suit your brand. Personalize without building totally from scratch allowing you flexibility and maintaining cohesiveness.

5. Creativity Sparking – Templates provide helpful creative direction, making it easier to come up with video concepts compared to a blank canvas. Eliminate mental fatigue and straight dive in to creating lovely visuals for yourself.

How to Choose the Right Video Template?

Vidma Editor offers countless template options, how do you select the right one for your needs? Here are key factors to consider:

  1. Purpose and Audience – Determine the purpose of your video and your target audience. Different templates cater to various niches, so choose one that aligns with your goals.
  1. Video Genre – Is this promo content? A tutorial? Testimonial? Choose a template suited for the style, like commercial templates for advertising.
  1. Visual Style – Consider creative preferences like colour schemes, illustration vs live-action, typography styles and animation.
  1. Layout – Seek templates with layouts fitting your content plan, like side-by-side panels for showing before-after comparisons.
  1. Aspect Ratio – Match templates to delivery platforms (1:1 for Instagram, 16:9 for YouTube, etc.).
  1. Resolution and Format – Ensure the template supports the resolution and format you need for your intended platform, be it YouTube, Instagram, or other social media channels.

Step by Step Guide for Customizable Video Templates

We are assuming you’ve picked the perfect Vidma template, now for the fun part – personalizing it! Let us pick the editor tools and use the drag-and-drop option to insert media files.

  1. Import Media – Add your visuals into Vidma template media placeholders.
  1. Add Text – Replace Vidma’s text with your script and messaging.
  1. Adjust Colors – Use your brand colour palette swatches to alter Vidma template colours.
  1. Add Logos – Insert company logos into the “Add Logo Here” Vidma template sections.
  1. Modify Fonts – Change fonts to match your brand style. Ensure readability, and look out for brand consistency.
  1. Insert Graphics – Use overlays like lower thirds with branding.
  1. Tweak Animations – Fine-tune or turn off Vidma template animations as desired.
  2. Balance Audio – Level background music and adjust clip volumes, add voiceovers or any audio you prefer about the video.


Take the time to edit the templates clearly, spend some time browsing what looks good and what does not, adhere to the purpose of your video as the template must match the style needed.

Best Practices For Using Vidma’s Video Templates

By following below Do’s and Don’ts, you can leverage Vidma’s templates to create engaging and effective videos that resonate with your audience.

Do’s ✅ Don’ts ❌
Choose templates that match your brand personality and tone Overstuff templates – let the design breathe
Make significant customizations for originality Go overboard with effects/animations
Focus on quality over quantity – one great video is better than many mediocre ones Neglect audio levels, pacing, and trimming clips
Use templates as creative starting points, not limitations Use templates without customization
Adjust video length, format, and content to suit platform requirements Overload your video with too much information


Lets bring this all together: Making videos with Vidma Editor’s customizable templates opens up creativity and ease for content creators. The benefits of efficiency, cohesion, and design exploration make templates a vital asset.

By strategically picking the right templates, customizing them precisely for your brand, and following best practices – you’ll be crafting sleek, engaging videos that resonate in no time. Vidma’s extensive template library offers an accessible on-ramp for polished video production to reflect your unique vision and connect with audiences. So embrace the creative possibilities with customizable templates, and let your distinct video content shine through Vidma Editor’s versatile design solutions. Happy editing!

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